Independence Day 15 August 2017 Anchoring Speech English Script

Independence Day 15 August is celebrated at college and schools every year. The students host the program and they need a script to host the program that is they need an anchoring speech. So here we are providing Independence Day 15 August Anchoring Speech demo and also some tips for the Anchoring.

2017 – Independence Day 15 August Anchoring Speech | English – Hindi | Check Online

To Host an Independence Day function at your college and school could be tough task for you, so that’s why we have provided 15th August Independence Day Anchoring Script in both Program Hosting Ideas and English. Some steps are given for the Anchoring Speech:

  1. Use your facial expressions voice, gestures and voice for consistent anchor.
  2. Specify place where you are going to stand on the stage.
  3. Practice for the speech in front of just one friend or family.
  4. Do some research about India’s Independence Day history and collect some facts to brush your knowledge bank while anchoring.
  5. Discuss with your Co-Host about the anchoring is also very important. It is advised to rehearse for the anchoring along with your co-host.

Here we are providing also an Anchoring Speech on Independence Day 15 August to help you to prepare the anchoring speech on this Independence Day:

Introduction: you can start the function with a patriotic poem.

Anchor 1: Good Morning everyone. We all are here to celebrate the years of independence.
Anchor 2: so here me and my friend welcomes you all on behalf of the entire school/ college family.
Anchor 1: today we are celebrating the 71st Independence Day that gives the vision to every students of wee idea of refinement that brings us all together.
Anchor 2: this is the best platform to show the love towards the country India.

This is just a demo of the anchoring speech. You can visit the following links to get more anchoring scripts:

After greeting to everyone you can start the function events like:

Anchor 2: DANCE is the most beautiful way to express the feelings of human Dancers is also called the messengers of the gods.
Anchor 1: so I would like to call upon stage our next dancing group who will show their devotion to the nation in the form or dance.

After the performance of the dance:
Anchor 1: What a spellbound performance. The elegance and grace of the dance was amazing.
Anchor 2: Yes: That was really a graceful performance.

This was just a demo of the anchoring script. You can use it as help to prepare the anchoring script to host the program on this Independence Day 15 August 2017.

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