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Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is also termed as the name GHMC. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is a new mobile application and this application is to solve the daily problem of the people in Grater Hyderabad. This application is currently running in the Grater Hyderabad. The idea behind to implement this application was for the people who faces the daily problem in the society like paying tax, road damage problem, water on roads in rainy season etc. and the people could not inform to the municipal office due to many reasons like lake of time or lake of knowledge etc. My GHMC Mobile Application is introduced by the Baldia. There are many more services that the application is going to be providing such as problem of dustbins, Dirty Water in Roads, Road damage complaints, Mosquitoes problems etc. this mobile application will help to solve these problems. They have to just use My GHMC app. People can also get the information about the LRS (layout regularization scheme) status, Death Certificate, and Birth certificate and by using the GHMC Mobile App the people can also apply by using this GHMC Mobile App, they do not need to go to the municipal office. This application is also helps to save the time of the people as today everybody is busy with their work and life.

New My GHMC Mobile App Registration – Download Online | Registration

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation officers thought about this idea just to provide the better service to the people of the Greater Hyderabad region, just to keep the region neat and clean. This is a great contribution of this app in the improvement of the society and also to keep our country clean. Some officers of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation are thinking to launch a new mobile application just to submit the complains in Hyderabad.

You can download this application by using the link given below:

The people of the Hyderabad just need to download the My GHMC Mobile App and the process of to submit the problems is like just take a picture of road damages, dustbin overflow, dirty water is collected on the roads, collected garbage on the roads and just post the picture on the application.

This application is now available on play store so you can download it from play store. Currently this an android app but now it is planning that its IOS version is about develop very soon. All the users can register on this app by using their mobile number. Because by using the mobile number the office will monitor the problem that what problem is sent on GHMC by the people of Hyderabad.

There are many other problems about which you can tell us by using this app such as street light problem, and people can also know about the income tax payment, can download the birth and death certificate by using digital signature. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) also going to add some more extra features to this application.

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